Paiges 1 (1960-61)

1 Johnny Martin and the Paiges (1960-1961)

Johnny Martin - vocals
Fred Power - bass
Bernard Dunne - rhythm
Brian Mathew - drums
Terry Morton - lead


Johnny Martin and The Paiges made their first public appearance as a named attraction on October 4th 1960 at
Jack Jackson's 2 J's Coffe Club on Lloyd St in Manchester. From then on they played the 2 J's on Saturdays and
The Plaza on Sundays. On Nov 4th 1961 2 J's changed to its more famous name - The Oasis Club.

This is the first picture taken of Johnny Martin and the Paiges in a studio on Market St - the uniform was bought at
Kurtis Man's Shop in Fountain St.
Johnny has a smart zebra striped top while the lads are in powder blue jumpers with a red P.

From the left, we have Johnny Martin (real name John Smith), Fred Power, Bernard Dunne, Brian Mathew and Terry Morton.
Photo taken about 1959.

In 1961 they won the El Rio Group Competition:

And here is the cup itself - in the close-up you can see that the previous year it was won by
The Dreamers who became Freddie and The Dreamers - select company!

Johnny Martin later (1961) played with Johnny Martin and The Tremors
Brian Matthew also joined Johnny Martin and The Tremors in 1961 when
Terry Morton joined the Fourtones and (later) The Dakotas and (2008) works on Whitworth Street
just opposite Johnny Roadhouse's shop on Oxford Rd.
Bernard Dunne left to start a butcher's shop.

Terry Morton's move to the Dakota's is interesting to me because I was at school (Chadderton Grammar) with
one of the original Dakotas - Bryn Jones - as I remember he was a bit of a Teddy Boy then and he amazed all us
younger lads one day by bringing to school his Fender Strat