Paiges 2 (1961-64)

2 Dave Prentice and the Paiges (1961 - 1964)

Dave Prentice - vocals
Fred Power - bass
Mike Lydiat - rhythm
Johnny Hutch(inson) - drums
Terry Shaw - lead

During this period there was also a lead guitarist named Bob Scales
(see below)

Somehow we managed to get to gigs in Fred's dad's car:

We put the amps in the boot, the drums on the roof, guitar cases across 3 sets of knees in the back seat and had 3 other people in the front!

In the next 2 pics I have my Hofner plank and the guitarist to the left with the Les Paul Gibson is Bob Scales.

Then there were 5 . . .

Me and Terry, concentrating hard . . .

Top to bottom: Fred Power, Mike Lydiat, Johnny Hutch and Terry Shaw at the Devil's Cave, Newton Heath. A smile that says "I've got a Strat!"

And a review from:

We beat Herman's Hermits in a competition in 1963 - we came 2nd (to The Corvettes) and they came 3rd:

Apparently I hit one of the Hermits when I found him taking leads from our amps just before
we were due to go on - I dont remember this! But it was the Sixties after all!

Then Jerry Dorsey asked us to tour with him but we said 'No!' -
largely because I was about the leave to go to Sheffield Uni and
Terry was unwilling to give up his job fitting neon signs!

Mr Dorsey then changed his name to Engelbert Humperdinck and the rest, as they say., is history!

And you can hear The Paiges 'new record relases' Is it true? and I've fallen in love
- both songs written by me and Dave Prentice!

And here you can see scans of the original manuscripts!

In 1964 I left the band to go to Sheffield Uni.