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Martin D-42 LE 1988


I bought this from Texas in 2006.

Martin don't make the D-42 very often, and even less often do they release the LE (Limited Edition) version. The first D-42 was built in 1933 for cowboy singer Tex Fletcher and no more were built until 1988. This one is labelled "4 of 75" - I had the documents showing its provenance. The full general spec of the guitar can be found here although this LE has variations in the woods and details. It has a Martin pick-up under the saddle.

In March 2008 luthier Jim Fleeting adjusted the action so it now plays beautifully - thanks Jim for a great job! In February 2009 Jim went to study in California with Ervin Somogyi.

In 2008 I swapped this for part of the Manson Custom Jumbo.