tunes on this guitar

Brook Tavy 2001


I bought this lovely instrument in January 2002 from Mike Blair at Bedroom Acoustic Music - he also runs the Bedford Folk Club.

Best I have ever played (sorry Gibson!). Visit Brook Guitars here.

In June 2003 I was working in the Plymouth area and phoned Simon at the Brook workshop and asked could I call in.

He waited behind one evening and spent 2 hours working on my guitar. He sanded the frets, adjusted the truss rod and made a pick guard (cut one from a large sheet of plastic!). Look at the 2 pictures - one before and the other after!

And the charge for this? Nothing! Beat that Gibson!

At the time I didn't know it but Simon was apprenticed to Andy Manson some of whose guitars I have bought more recently.

Here's me at the workshop


And here are some professional photos from the studio of Cris Haig