I have written many software titles for Primary classroom use.

My early titles for the BBC computer are now redundant but included Composer (a music editor) and many My World titles.

I developed these ideas to the (equally redundant) Archimedes computer (My World / Musical Minibeasts) and then to the PC.

Several titles have been published by Granada Learning / SEMERC under the My World header.

They also publish my Musical Minibeasts programme which is a HyperStudio production.

Musical Minibeasts

Musical Minibeasts has music linked to each minibeast at two levels. Place them on a grid and create tunes. Print them out, change time signatures and transpose the key. The program offers an exciting and interesting environment where the user can explore the rich possibilities of music. It is impossible to make a mistake only variations on a theme!

The rhythm pattern is that of the minibeast name - as you can see in the graphic showing:

Bee-Spider / Butterfly - Caterpillar / Bee - Spider / Grasshopper - Spider.

If children can say the minibeast names, they have the tune rhythm automatically.

At Level 1 each Minibeast has a fixed tune to sing. At Level 2 (illustrated) the child can set the pitch for each note.

It's quite a challenge (even for older Juniors) to devise the rhythm and tune for a nursery rhyme such as Baa Baa Blacksheep:

Spider Spider Caterpillar Bee (Ba Ba Blacksheep have you any wool - but what comes next??)

My World - 3 Little Pigs

This progamme allows the re-telling of this traditional tale along with my Matching and Counting programmes for My World

Noisy Numeracy

11 different programmes for the Numeracy Strategy:

  • Noisy Abacus - TU
  • Noisy Abacus - HTU
  • Noisy Abacus - ThHTU
  • Noisy Base 10 - TU
  • Noisy Base 10 - HTU
  • Mollie's Marvellous Maze - colour shape size and colour recognition
  • Noisy Numbers 0 - 5
  • Noisy Numbers 0 - 10
  • Monolinks 1 - 5)
  • Monolnks 1 - 10
  • 10x10 Puzzles

This runs in Hyperstudio (player included) and allows a range of maths activities (with accompanying animal sounds!) for Infants and Juniors.

Email me for prices.